Ashes of Vatra

Ashes of Vatra (AOVA) is produced to support the burning of Vatra INU token and to reward the user with 10x AOVA in exchange for burning 1 Vatra INU.

Ashes of Vatra

Ashes of Vatra (AOVA), It is produced to support the burning of Vatra INU token and to reward the user with 10x AOVA in return for burning 1 Vatra INU.

While Vatra INU has a HODL mechanism due to its structure and purpose, AOVA works with a reverse mechanism. AOVAs obtained after VATRA INU burning will be in constant circulation for buying and selling in the market.

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How AOVA Works?


User sends Vatra INU to AOVA burning wallet.


AOVA Burn wallet burns incoming VATRA INU tokens on the ethereum network.


User will be rewarded with 10x AOVA from the number of Vatra INU sent for burning.


There is no airdrop, partner or team share in AOVA Token. It can be earned by burning Vatra.

Total Supply: 2.500.000.000 AOVA

Burn Reward: 1.500.000.000 AOVA

Pre-Sale: AOVA

Burn Wallet

Send Vatra INU to Aova burning wallet and earn 10 times AOVA for the number of Vatra INU you send!


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Ashes of Vatra (AOVA) Token. You can join the community for different questions!

Vatra INU is an owner-free, unincorporated and decentralized meme token where 88% of the total supply will be in the community from day one. The community manages the Vatra INU project. The working mechanism of Vatra INU is based on burning and HODL. People take their place in the community by holding Vatra INU, and those who want to participate in the management become direct insiders of the project via Discord by withdrawing to their Metamask wallet.

Ashe of Vatra, AOVA for short, is a cryptocurrency designed to be the burn reward of the Vatra INU project. It is directly affiliated with Vatra INU. Its scale is designed as 10 AOVA for 1 Vatra INU.

Without Vatra INU, there is no AOVA. But there can be VATR without AOVA. This will always remain the first principle. The purpose of AOVA is to both appeal to users who want to trade actively instead of HODL, and to reduce the supply of Vatra INU by encouraging investors in the Vatra INU community to burn.

Vatra INU was designed as a cryptocurrency that will be entirely managed by the community. However, after the pre-sale and listing processes, it achieved a very serious success by increasing 90x. At this point, the HODL (buying or not selling) mechanism, where the community was separated in terms of both price and mechanism, gradually turned into a dead end. In order to save the Vatra INU community from this impasse, the Ashe of Vatra token was created.

The project will have a burn wallet. All VATRA INU tokens sent to this burn wallet will be burned. And 10 times more AOVA than the number of Vatra INU sent will be sent back to the senders as a reward. This mechanism will work regularly.

There will initially be 2 ways to own Aova. First, by purchasing from the pre-sale at a price of 0.015 TL, you will be able to own a maximum of 50,000 TL worth of AOVA tokens. However, this method will be limited to a maximum of 300 people.
The second method will take place with the AOVA/VATR launchpad, which will be open for 3 days after the pre-sale. If you already have VATRA INU, you will be able to get 10 AOVAs for 1 Vatra INU from this launchpad tab. The Vatra INU tokens you give during this process will be completely burned after the 3rd day.
After the Launchpad process is completed, the last remaining method will be to buy AOVA from the market when it is listed.

There is a pre-sale as AOVA will be doing a few extra things to support Vatra INU. The most important of these is market making, AOVA has not only a community but also constantly active buy and sell orders. In this way, when you burn Vatra INU, you will get a financial gain in return, instead of burning it for nothing.
In addition, the lack of liquidity due to the fact that no significant sales are planned in the pre-sale of the Vatra INU project will be filled with this pre-sale, and the way to be traded in global markets will be opened logically.

AOVA TL pre-sale will take place between 08.04.2024 - 14.04.2024, and burn sale in return for VATR will take place between 14.04.2024 - 30.04.2024, and AOVA/TRY will be listed 1 day after the burn sale ends.